DNS proxy for wire-format over HTTP(S)


This software allows you to run a service offers a binary DNS over HTTP access to DNS content. The aim of this service is to make you get access to your reliable resovler through even the worst coffee shop or hotel room firewalls. Also, DNS traffic may be seen by an “on the wire” eavesdropper[rfc7626], You may gain privacy against such snooping by using DNS over HTTPS which encrypts the traffic.

link: draft-song-dns-wireformat-http-00

ClientProxy and ServerProxy have been developed both in golang and C.

Client Proxy Downloads & Usage

Windows   32bits   Signiture
    64bits   Signiture
Linux   32bits   Signiture
    64bits   Signiture
freebsd   32bits   Signiture
    64bits   Signiture
MaxOS   32bits   Signiture
    64bits   Signiture

How to use

  1. Download the ClientProxy
  2. pick a server from the server list
  3. run ClientProxy with -proxy option to your selected server.
  4. change your resv.conf to and have fun.

Command example

To run in Linux

./ClientProxy -proxy ""

To run in Windows

ClientProxy -proxy ""

note: you can use -h to check the option of this command. “-debug” is useful to help to check the status and troubleshoot.

Availaible server

Location Operator Address
China BII

##How to join as server node## —————-

To Serve as a server node, you should first make sure you have a resolver in local network(can be in loopback or not).

1.Install golang

2.get and compile dns lib.

go get github.com/miekg/dns
go build github.com/miekg/dns

3.get ServerProxy’s code.

Link: github


go get github.com/BII-Lab/DNSoverHTTPinGO/ServerProxy

4.compile ServerProxy

go build github.com/BII-Lab/DNSoverHTTPinGO/ServerProxy

5.run ServerProxy, use -proxy to point your DNS resolver. For example, if your resolver is on loopback, run like:

./ServerProxy -proxy

6.Contact rxwan@biigroup.cn and we will add you to the Available nodes list.

##To Do List##

  1. Add Query Log function to both ClientProxy and ServerProxy
  2. Add Support for file configuration to both ClientProxy and ServerProxy
  3. Add Support for HTTP/2
  4. Add HTTPS Support
  5. Add UI for ClientProxy(maybe)

Any Suggestion, Please contact rxwan@biigroup.cn